• Hello,

    i have an error with the clamav task in for 1.2.0
    If i execute the clamav task und reboot the pc than the following error appears.
    libclamav Error: cli_loaddb() no supported database files found in /usr/share/clamav

    this error is correct because the database is in /var/lib/clamav

    i´ve updated the clam av from 0.98 to 0.99 but when i make the boot there is AV scan CalmAV 0.98 starting

    can you help me to solve this problem

  • thank you but how can i give the client a database. the servers clamav database is new. how can i use this database? i think, that the client would use the database into the init.xz. is taht right? Could i change the database path in the init.xz file so that the client uses the servers database? Sorry i´m new and i think that i donßt understand, how the fog server client pxe boot works

  • @MaMu There is no solution. If you’re in that much a need to scan the system for virus’, you will NEED to have the database to work from. What good would it be to use an old/outdated database file?

  • Hi,

    i think that my Problem is, that i habe no internetconnection with the Client after booting with pxe. The Clients boots the init.xz Image from the fog Server. Into this Image there is the clamav Version 0.98. i think, that into this Image there is no dns resulution configured.

    i want to boot a pxe Client und i want to scan this Client with clamav. but the Client couldn´t download the Virus database.

    Does anyone has a hint, how i can solve the problem

  • The init’s carry the clamav binaries. Not the OS. The init’s would need to be updated to 0.99 in order for the 0.99 clamav items to operate under the proper version (which is not an easy thing to do). More over, this is also why you’re seeing the issue of the no supported database files found in /usr/share/clamav. The init’s will be looking for the DB, not the FOG Server.

    That said, my guess is the DB is failing to be loaded because the init doesn’t have DNS? It should be attempting to load the DB during the startup of the clamav binaries.