Ubuntu 12.04 server - using partimage quits with no error

  • Hey guys, i have a pretty anoying thing going on…

    i have a Ubuntu 12.04 server running, i use xfs as the /image partition, i cleanly installed fog .32 no errors at all.

    i can connect to tftp, vftp, i am able to mount /image in debug mode manually…

    however when i try to save an image of my Linux Mint 12, machine with Multiple Partition Image (Single Disk)
    it start all the way up into Partimage tool, it hangs for some secs, and then quits a 0%, and makes a 910byte file in the /image/dev folder.

    i am using ect3 on the Linux Mint 12 i am trying to image… it all worked perfectly in Ubuntu 11.10, but in 12.04 it just does this?

    is there a way to get an errorlog? i cant seem to find any? and partimage dont show any errors at all it just quits, after 910 bytes