Problems multicasting Windows 7 image with Fog 0.32

  • Hello,

    I recently installed a fog server in our university in order to image over our computer labs but I have been having a few issues. I installed Ubuntu 10.4.3 on a Dell Vostro laptop ( i can’t remember the exact model). The laptop is currently running FOG 0.32 and acting as DHCP. I was given the task to deploy a windows 7 image across 30 Lenovo T400 Laptops. So i created a image file, both multiple partition single disk and another copy as single partition resizable. Trying both these types of images, the image size comes out as a large image file (38GBS for the multiple partition single disk and 32 gbs for the single partition resizable). Uploading took about 45 minutes while trying to unicast the image to a single machine takes about 35 minutes at around 800mbs-900mbs. Then i tried to multicast to 6 machines which started at 500mbs and then over the course of an hour completely dropped to 60mbs. I am plugged into a linksys 100mb switch with 4 gig ports. I have the fog server plugged into the gig port and the 6 clients on the 100mb ports.

    My question then is there an obvious reason why I am getting such slow download speeds while multicasting and what troubleshooting steps should I take to try and solve this issue? Also, are image 32 gig image sizes normal? I do not have many programs installed so I am a bit confused why the image files are so large.

    I also have separate fog server and storage node for imaging other computer labs but the storage node I use also has problems multicasting. I always assumed it was because we are running it on a old cisco catalyst switch running CAT OS but now im not so sure after seeing that the laptop that I installed FOG 32 also had a problem with with multicasting as well. All of my fog servers are running Ubuntu 10.4.3 and FOG 0.32.

    Thank you for any help that you guys can give me. I really do love fog (especially the Fog Client, it makes my life so much easier). Hopefully i can get this all fixed up and make FOG look awesome to my co workers :).