Windows 10 issue AFTER domain join.

  • So I’m finalizing my Window 10 clients to roll out this summer, and running into a weird issue.

    My image rolls out fine using Fog Trunk, joins the domain, and is all good. However, it appears that it’s not applying a group policy update when joining or something like that, which is causing issues as it’s not grabbing my firewall settings . Without the firewall settings, my PDQ Deploy box can’t send out applications.

    If I log in as a user, any user, and run a gpupdate manually or let it do it’s wait, we’re good to go.

    Is there a way to like make a Snapin that’ll force a gpupdate after it joins the domain? Or a better solution?

    Note, this is only happening with Win10. My Win7 boxes using the same server pull all these settings fine.

  • @Tom-Elliott alright, cool.

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I seem to remember Snapins before needing to be wrapped with SFXMaker and such for all things. Is that still the case, or can I now just upload a script and be done with it?


    Never mind, uploaded a bat file and it ran flawlessly. Thanks for the help, now my thin imaging with PDQ to throw apps on afterwards is working fantastically across all sites!

  • @Bob-Henderson um sort of but no. Assign to group then create snapin tasking and they should pick it up.

  • @Tom-Elliott Completely agree, it’s a Win10 issue, not Fog. I’m hoping to use a snapin or the like as a bandaid until I figure out why it’s doing it.

    I don’t need it to run before hostname change/domain join, actually need it after. Since I haven’t used snapins since, oh… .28, if I remember right I can just build one that does the gpupdate, assign it to the group, and they should grab them as soon as they check in next, right?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This sounds, to me, like a problem with Windows 10, not a FOG issue at all. That said, I’d say that just a batch file, or VBS script that basically has the line:

    gpupdate /force /boot

    Should do the job you need. That said, I don’t know if snapins run before hostname change/domain join. @jbob, can you clarify?