Move Fog server, change IP addresses. What's all involved?

  • Hi there,

    Does anyone have some guidelines as to what’s all involved in moving a Fog server from one location to another, in terms of adjusting all the assorted IP address settings and still have Fog work.

    A Fog server at one of our schools died recently. It’s a smaller school and not a whole lot of computers to deal with, but I’d prefer to set up the Fog server here at our head office , as opposed to the school. However, I always seem to have grief adjusting IP address settings and still have Fog work as expected. I adjust the IP address of the Fog server, and adjust whatever settings I can find in “Fog Settings” to point to the new address of the Fog server. However, after doing so, I usually end up having problems with either the PXEboot menu not working properly, or just not being able to image a machine.

    Not worried about images or clients in the database, etc. Just wondering–is there more to moving a Fog server from one location to another, and still have it work? Do you need to rerun Fog setup or should adjusting the IP address settings in the Fog console and on the Linux box itself be enough?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • If you’re just talking about changing the IP address to suit the IP addresses for the PCs at your head office. Then you could just refer to this guide.

    “Change FOG Server IP Address”