boot PXE issue check if .mntcheck exist

  • Hello
    I 've a problem booting on pxe. The client show me a failed for* “checking Mounted File system” *
    “Could not verify mount point, check if .mntcheck exists (/bin:/”

    on the fog serveur* find / -iname “.mntcheck” * result : * /images/dev/.mntcheck*

    Could you help me resolv this problem ?

    (CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511, fog 1.30)

  • Senior Developer

    @lebrun78 No clue. But glad it works.

  • thanks,
    /images/.mntcheck added, then it woks
    I don’t know why it disappeared ? Error from me ?

  • Senior Developer

    The .mntcheck should be in BOTH:





    touch /images/{dev/,}.mntcheck
    chmod -R 777 /images

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