Image Deployment Issue - Windows 7 Single Partition (Hidden Partition = 21GB)

  • I created an image of my machine as a backup using the Single Partition-Resizable option, however I have now discovered that FOG assumes the Hidden Partition to be 100MB.
    I have destroyed the original installation in my attempts to restore back to this image and I do not have any recovery disks as none were supplied.
    Is there any way to get FOG to create the hidden partition at the correct size?

    I have access to 2 other laptops purchased at the same time which are the exact same model, but have vastly different set of programs installed. Besides, those laptops do not have My Product Keys. Since none of the partition sizes have changed on any of the laptops, I was able to get a Fixed Drive mbr file that matches my laptop, but I do not know if that will help.
    I tried changing the Image Type and renaming the files to look like a Fixed Drive Image, but was unable to successfully appply that back to the laptop.

    Please tell me I someone knows a way I can recover the laptop.

    I appreciate any help that can be provided.

    Thank you,