SOLVED Fog Fails to Join Domain

  • I am noticing a behavior in the current trunk where, when Join Active directory is used the Domain username is getting mangled.
    when the domain username is entered “Domain\AdminUser” and saved after an image the name becomes “Domain\\AdminUser” and fails to join the domain with an error code 2202 which is “The specified username is invalid.” after a few more images it then becomes “Domain\\\\AdminUser” and just continues growing. When you first save the Credentials the first time the join works but after that it fails. because of the mangled username.
    The OS I am Trying to Join is Windows 10

  • @Tom-Elliott Version 7007

    If i save the username as test\test it works on the first pass. I am not sure if this changes anything but i was setting the user/password at the global level. and the group level I never set it at the host level. I would also get it to work once then image the system and after the image it would begin failing.

  • I can’t replicate the “username is getting mangled” part.

    My test, set my host with join domain on. Take a look at the username with test\test as the username. Run the hostnamechange.php caller (the part that enables joining to domain and hostname changing) and take a look.

    Simply by going to this page should give us the info we need to replicate this. Taking a direct look at the DB for this as well just to be on the safe side.

    Took a look there and still nothing. What version are you running? (specific version please – found in the cloud).

  • That seems to do the trick Thanks

  • @ManPage in either case you can still just use the user without the domain specifier

  • using user@domain seems to give an error 87 which i noticed someone else was having problems with earlier.

  • @ManPage for 0.32 and below it was. Trunk allows either domain\user, user@domain, or just plain user

  • The instructions i read online Had the username in the domain\userformat so i thought that was required

  • Fixing that should be simple enough, but why not just remove the domain value from the field altogether? It should work every time in that status.