• It would be nice when a task is sent and a user is logged on, if the client would prompt the user to execute the task. Or give options such as “Remind me in 10min”, etc. If there’s no response from the user though, to continue and force the reboot so the task can begin.

    Several of the responses could be configured by the administrator. Things like whether or not the user has the option to delay the task, how long the delay would be, how many times it can be delayed, etc.

    On a side-note, I’m just now learning about and testing out FOG. I’m a technician for a public school district in Houston, TX. So far, I have to say I’m impressed. My goal is to become comfortable enough with FOG over the month of May and use it to reimage the 600+ laptops I have to maintain on my campus, this summer.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • [quote=“ZeroSkillz, post: 11092, member: 3464”]Thank you this was very helpful.[/quote]

    no problem.


  • Thank you this was very helpful.

  • [quote=“ZeroSkillz, post: 10951, member: 3464”]Can you post how that was done? Thanks[/quote]

    I don’t have a system in front of me to build a guide, but a quick and simple process is th efollowing.

    1. Go to the CLIENT computer and log in as admin
    2. Go go the c:\Program files\fog folder (I think it’s the fog folder)
    3. Locate the .ini file that allows you to make changes to the client software (fog client)
    4. Open the file in notepad
    5. Locate the line of code that mentions forced task reboot (or something simlar to that).
    6. By adjusting the code from a 0 to a 1 (or vice versa) it enables or disables the code for this.
    7. Save the file in notepad + reboot the fog service (services.msc) fogclient - restart service.
    8. Safe the file in notepad + reboot the pc.

    I should note that if you have the fog client as an image you would need to make this change PRIOR to capturing and deploying it. Otherwise you would need to go to every client and make the adjustment.

  • Can you post how that was done? Thanks

  • The .ini did just the trick for me. Thanks!

  • Currently you can change the .ini file on the client side to force a reboot if there is an imaging task scheduled. You could also script your standard packages with a .vbs to auto log off + execute.

    Just a thought.