• [CENTER]My old FOG server crashed and I have built a new one, so this is a fresh brand new install with no modifications. Ubuntu 12.04. Created an account on the server named FOG and SUDO installed FOG. Everything seems to be working great. My clients are accessing the PXE boot, and i was able to reload all my old images. I went to add password protection to the PXE menu and was receiving an error “PXE Menu updated failed! Unable to connect to tftp server.” Followed the directions here, [url]http://bit.ly/J6xAwO[/url]. Doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.[/CENTER]

  • Same with me - but a little difference. Installed FOG on Ubuntu 12.04 - all worked fine. But whenever i reboot or shutdown, I run into the PXE Menu Update failed + whenever I try to boot on the clients machine from NIC, after getting IP from the Windows-based DHCP I receive PXE-32 TFTP time out. My DHCP distributes IP’s based on MAC…(of course 66 and 67 option on DHCP are all set and triple-checked)

    Need help,