All storage nodes look up images in default

  • Hi all,
    we have ubuntu 14.04 servers with fog 1.2 revision 6509
    We have realized that you can upload an image to a repository different from default, but after that, you you try to deploy it, you get an error message that you must upload it first. That is because it look it up on default storage node. So if you copy it there, it works.
    Have you notice that?
    Thanks for your help.

  • @Frank I don’t know if an update is stable until somebody updates and lets me know if prior issues are corrected for.

    It’s one of the “cons” i guess of being on Trunk.

    While I try my darndest to keep things as functional as I can, with changes can come problems.

  • @Tom-Elliott after upgrading to 6547 it works!!
    So it seems something related to your last fixes.
    Thanks for you help.
    What do you recommend me as update policy? How do I know if an update is stable?

  • @Tom-Elliott I’ve made a test with storage1 node as master and it is the same. It keeps on looking at default storage group. I’m going to update code as you suggested.

  • @Frank From the sounds of it, FTP can’t login to your Master storage node. It checks the node it’s trying to use for the image.

    Can you run through the FTP troubleshooting guide?

  • @Frank The only thing is that storage1 node wasn’t market as master. Can it be the reason? The image is associated to storage1 group

  • @Frank What I mean, what storage GROUP is the image associated with?

  • @Tom-Elliott the image IS in the storage1 node. I can see it on /images directory

  • @Frank Basically, it should only be associated to the storage1 group. If the image doesn’t exist within storage1 group, it should fail as you’re seeing. What we need to know is where it currently actually is.

  • @Frank That’s how it’s supposed to work.

    The image doesn’t exist on the other group because that’s not where the default group WAS.

  • Hi @Tom-Elliott , I’m not sure I’ve explained myself.
    We have two storage groups: default and storage1, each composed by a single node.
    If I upload an image to storage1, I can. When but I try to download it, I get a message saying I must upload it first. I’ve realized it is searching in default storage group, not storage1.

  • That’s the point. Images are uploaded to the master node, and the master node is the perpetrator of the images/snapins. Of course this can change depending on what image is on what master storage node, but during the upload process we MUST have the master node receive the image. While it is, technically, possible to have the nodes operate on the other nodes and even be checked, all nodes within a group should already contain the images because of the Replicator process.

    As you’re running 6509, would you mind updating to the latest to so I know you’re ftp information is in a workable state? I’ve been editing the FTP class lately and have found a couple of bugs that I’m pretty sure have been corrected for now.