Image not saved to Storage

  • Hello Guys,

    as my system disk crashed, I had to resetup my whole FOG-Server. Fortunately I still had a database dump.
    So I reinstalled Ubuntu server, FOG 1.2.0 added the database and directly updated to FOG GIT-version 6303. After some doublechecking of my configuration everything seemed to work perfectly.

    Today I wanted to capture my first image after the crash, but the image is not saved to my storage.
    The process starts normally, and shows the capture of all partitions, but in the end when

    “Updating Database” is shown, this fails and I get the message

    “An error has been detected!
    Could not complete tasking (bin/fog.upload)”

    Does anybody have an idea, what is wrong?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Senior Developer

    My guess, because of the database dump, the FOG User (on the server) password is not what your database thinks it is.

    I’d edit your fog server and reset the password to whatever it was, or figure out what it currently is and update the storage node on the server.

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