Fog and self encrypting hard drives

  • I have imaged a Dell Optiplex 790 and am having strange issues occurring. The workstations I just found out have Seagate Momentus Self Encrypting Hard drives with 4K sector size. The boxes image fine but they have extreme night and day performance issues within the OS. I can log into one box and can happily click on apps and they open fast with no issues. I can log onto the same box a day later and it takes 20-30 seconds to open apps that took just seconds the previous day.

    All drivers from Dell have been installed so I don’t think it is any kind of driver based issue at this point. I have rebuilt these from scratch now twice and am baffled. I do not have these problems on the 390’s and 6520 laptops that I fog. These however do not have these self encrypting drives. Has anyone had any experience imaging machines with this type of drive using fog? It seems to be the only x-factor that my other Dell hardware does not have.

    Any insight would be appreciated.