Windows 10, FOG 1.2.0 : tests and records

  • Hello everyone,

    my little contribution after testing Windows 10 with my fog server

    I have a Fog server on v1.2.0 on a Red Hat Entreprise 6 (Santiago)
    With the new hardware I had to upgrade my TFTP folder (Thanks again to Sebastian) to boot properly on PXE

    My conclusions :

    Install Windows 10 with a dvd mode in UEFI crash the upload :

    • At the install Windows create 4 partitions :
      -450MB for system (ok with that, not a news)
    • 96MB for another purpose
    • 16MB (!!) MSR
    • rest of disk free (windows, apps etc…)

    Upload this image will cause fog failed to mount sda 2 (96MB or perhaps 16MB part), only the 450MB part will be upload which will cause the image unusable

    Install W10 in Legacy mode for the DVD create just the 450MB part and then, upload and Download a W10 image is ok with this version of Fog,
    Before uploadin I have install the Fog Client, and no error with that : downloading Snapins are ok with it (dunno the version of fog client, if someone can tell me how find it and, if necessary, upgrade it he will be welcome 🙂 )

    For my images i used the Windows 8.1 options when creating it in multiple partitions / single disk mode

    These tests were made on HP Computers : HP Probook 450G3, HP Probook 430 G2, HP Prodesk 3405 (this old is quite old : around 3 or 4 years old)
    I have to test it on Prodesk 400 G2

    For Dev :

    I don’t know if there is a link but with 1 HP Probook 450G3 FOG detected 2 NIC, the Ethernet and the Wifi (asked me on host tab to validate the 2nd one), but not with a another 450 G3… mystery 😉
    Something strange hapenned too : I had only 1 other PC on Fog lan (I have a dedicated VLAN for my fog server, which is my DHCP Server too : Some lan ports on my switch) and it was impossible to get an IP with the ethernet connection on the notebook (wifi doesn’t count because it’s on a the “general LAN” of the company)
    This problem happened just one with the same Probook which have the 2 NIC in host tab

    Edit : Perhaps what i said about UEFI was false, i just checked the HDD used for the upload and it seems there is a physical problem

  • From my personal experience I would recommend updating to the latest trunk version of FOG. It is much more advanced and I can capture and deploy W10 images without issues.

    You need to install “subversion” and then download the latest package with

    svn checkout

    From there you install as usual. But be aware that updating might not always work flawlessly so I would test it in a non-productive environment and consider a clean install of the trunk version.

  • I’ve been testing with Windows 10 as well, and I thought I should add that I was able to get an image to Fog with Windows installed with the “dvd mode” 4 partitions, but only as a raw image, so it was quite slow. I will test again with “Legacy mode”.

    I was not however able to get snapins to run. The service appears to be running on the test machine, and the task is queued, but it never runs.