• I currently am trying to implement Fog on the Student side of the network on a small college campus. I have been running into an issue when it comes to uploading images. I have configured the DHCP server for pxe and when i boot a client it goes to the Fog portal like it is supposed to. I did a full host registration on the laptop and then went to the fog server and set it up to pull an image. after I scheduled the task I restart the client and it goes back to the Fog portal.( i am running it on ubuntu 11.04 with Fog 0.32) Thanks

  • Make sure the Primary MAC address listed in the FOG console is the wired MAC address on the laptop, should be correct since you did full registration from boot menu but double check anyway.

    Also when you add the job check the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ directory to make sure FOG placed a file in there named with the wired mac address of the laptop. If that file is not there the laptop will instead show the default fog boot menu.
    If that file is not there verify the TFTP password for the storage node configuration and the rights on the tftpboot folders.

    Trying to find a page in the wiki that details the rights/passwords part, I thought one existed already.