Win7 image deploys but missing FOG service

  • I’ve had to fire up a new Win7 image for my service desk team to deploy over the weekend. I have created 2 images, a pre-sysprep and post-sysprep image.

    This is using FOG version trunk@4617 based on command

    git log

    Image uploads and deploys fine but the post-sysprep image is missing the FOG service and there is no c:\fog.log file

    Anyone seeing similar or can point me to workaround/fix?

    regards Kiweegie

  • @Tom-Elliott Well I’m officially a twat. Sorry for wasting your time… I shall be booking myself into an Alzheimers clinic immediately!

  • @Tom-Elliott thats what I thought Tom. Positive I installed it as part of base image, remember doing so.but have reinstalled on pre-sysprep again and uploading, Should know again in about 20 mins

  • Senior Developer

    I can assure you, the imaging process is not adding or removing the FOG Service. Are you sure the image HAS the FOG Service Client installed?

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