SOLVED Active directory Join issue

  • George,
    I apologize for not being more descriptive. The output of the cat command was America/Chicago
    I am changing the files now to reflect “America/Chicago”

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    @anthonyglamis I believe this is the right location /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini (sorry I live in the rhel camp so I have to guess a bit for the debian folks)

    The answer is you need the double quotes because this is a string literal. Also I don’t think you confirmed the output of the cat command. Can you do this? (yes, I’m a type “A” person [including double quotes])

  • George,
    The syntax is America/Chicago should I have entered with quotation marks “America/Chicago” in the following files?

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    Timezone: Nuts, I’ve been running the trunk build for so long I forgot about not everything being in 1.2.0.

    just for clarity can you run this command from the linux console. This should be accurate for the ubuntu systems.

    cat /etc/timezone

    While your system time is correct, I want to make sure the system timezone is correct. I would expect the results to be something like “America/Chicago”.

    In the /etc/php.ini there is a timezone property. Please set that to the proper timezone that is listed in the OS. Once you do that restart the apache service so that php will pick up the proper timezone.

  • George,
    Interesting, but I do not have FOG_TZ_INFO under “general settings” I was reading that was a new option in fog 1.3.0. Is that correct?
    Yes I can confirm that 57-4A is my ethernet and 41-86 is wireless.

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    On the mac / task issue. Can you confirm which mac address is the ethernet and wireless? You may have to update the registration in FOG to ensure that the mac address used is for the pxe boot adapter.

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    @anthonyglamis Ok, continuing with the time issue. Since linux knows the proper time, then it is probably a php or FOG offset that is coming into play. Can you inspect the value of FOG_TZ_INFO at Settings->Fog Settings->General make sure that has the right timezone is set. If that setting is correct then I want to try adjusting the php.ini setting. But lets start with easy first.

  • I also did not mention, that I do not have the product key field filled out in the host section. Would this cause the domain joining issue?

  • Arrowhead,

    0_1453247303426_fogserverAD.PNG 0_1453247313776_fogserverHOST.PNG

    I am wondering if this is a DNS issue? My host are all “unable to resolve”.

  • Testers

    Just to answer some of your questions. The delayed task time thing is a bug that I have had too, haven’t actually found a solid fix for it. But with a little testing you can figure out how many hours it’s off and get delayed tasks working. However, this time issue doesn’t effect active directory joining.

    Also the fog server not being on the domain is also not an issue. My fog server isn’t on the domain and the AD joining works no problem.

    Can you show us a screenshot of the active directory default settings you have set in the fog gui?

  • George, on the date question yes The time is coming back correct, CST. On the NIC question the first is the ethernet NIC. I assumed the second was the wireless that fog was detecting. How can I tell which is my PXE boot adapter? I assumed all was well with that as I can contact the fogserver to both upload and download images. I just can’t get them to join to the domain.

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    I do see something suspicous in your posted log.

    1/19/2016 3:56 PM FOG::MODDebug MAC ID 0 44:A8:42:E9:57:4A
    1/19/2016 3:56 PM FOG::MODDebug MAC ID 1 34:02:86:92:41:86

    1/19/2016 4:06 PM FOG::SnapinClient No Tasks found for: 44:A8:42:E9:57:4A

    The target computer has 2 network adapters. FOG knows about the network adapter asscoiated with 44:A8:42:E9:57:4A. Is 44:A8:42:E9:57:4A the ethernet adapter or the wireless adapter? To answer the question another way is net0 your pxe boot adapter or is net1 your pxe boot adapter.

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    This is interesting on the time issue.

    From within the linux console if you type date does linux know the correct time? If it does then we may have to dig into the php.ini to ensure that the proper timezone is set there.

  • Wayne, thanks for the reply. We are setting up the client service with the IP address of the fogserver. We named the fogserver “fogserver”.

  • When you’re installing the fog client on your target host, are you setting the fog server’s address field with a hostname or with an IP? What is your fog server’s name?