FOG image error: Failed to get uuid

  • Trying to image first test machine. Did PXE boot, got to the FOG screen, selected quick image, entered username and password (fog management username and password in case that was wrong), then got this:

    0_1453240025182_Failed to get UUID2.jpg

    Most of our machines are UEFI.

    FOG is on CentOS 7 Server with GUI
    FOG 6016
    Imaging a win 7 64 bit machine
    HP Z440


  • @Tom-Elliott Thx, that worked but now it finishes (I guess) and just loops. Ill post a seperate thread on that.

  • Senior Developer

    I believe this is now fixed in the latest.

    To update run:

    cd /opt/fogproject
    git pull
    cd bin
    ./ -y

    Of course these are if you’re already root.

    In case any body else is wondering why I’m giving direct paths, it’s because we’ve been working with @ManofValor behind the scenes to get fog installed to begin with. I had him place the git repo version to /opt.

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