Is there a new proper way of recompiling the hostname module?

  • Re: Troubles with recompiling the hostname module

    I am stuck on this now…
    It would be quite interesting to update the wiki on the proper way of recompiling this hostname module as I have just lost about 3 hours of installing VS2015 and upon failure tried with a VS2010 pro… to end up having the same problems dicussed in the reference thread.

    Now If I read this correctly I now believe I should only build the dll and upload it?
    That part is done. But now I read some are also having issues and it`s not clear if it’s due to using stable instead of trunk…

    I am using trunk, so what now? I just upload the dll? What about Fogcrypt?
    Do I need the MOD_HostNameChanger.cs from here ??

    Is the installer possible to compile or it`s just not worth it?

    Thanks to shed some light on this!

  • @FlowLive
    It seems since I am using trunk this is not applicable anymore using the newer client version.

    Thanks again to Wayne Workman helped me out figuring this and updated the wiki with a note for the ones running version 1.3.0 of the server.

    I will leave this post as resolved in case someone else in the future also looks for this info.

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