Image upload Fails after getting to 32% but says it completed the job.

  • [B]This is an issue with deploying the images and NOT uploading the images[/B]. I was not sure how to change the Title of the Post so I am add this to the top of the post.

    I am currently running FOG 0.32 on Ubuntu 11.04 with a RAID 1 on 2 1TB hard drives.

    I have been having an issue recently with at least two of my images that I have created. The first one was having an issue where it would get to 50% and stop. Then FOG would proceed to tell me that the imaging was finished. It was a Windows 7 image resizeable. I tried changing the permissions to 777 and change the owner to fog but it would always fail at 50%. In the end I deleted the image and remade. Everything was working fine until I started use another image that was failing at 32%. This image was a Windows XP single partition resizeable.

    I have tried looking for logs or any kind of error message but as far as FOG and partimage is concerned the job completed successfully. I do not mind recreating the image if I need to but I would like to know if my images are corrupted and how they are becoming corrupted.

    I also used the trouble shooting steps here [url][/url] but the image still stops at the same place.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and let me know if you need more information.