SOLVED Bug: Location selection when performing Full Host Registration

  • Hi guys,

    In the latest trunk, there appears to be a bug with Location selection.

    When it come to selecting a location, if I enter the number for the location I want, it doesn’t seem to accept it. It just flashes back like as if I entered a number that is incorrect and won’t let me proceed any further.

    Running on CentOS 6.7
    Trunk 5927


  • Hi Tom,
    Location selection issue has been resolved in trunk 5929 so you may set this as resolved.
    Thanks again!

  • @Tom-Elliott Thanks! Will test this morning and report back.

  • @Toby777 I have made some alterations to the way these requests are established and sent to the fog server. My hope is this is now working. I tested imageID, snapins, and groups. I am using the same methodology for the location checking as well. This new method should also allow for some extensibility to the questions but will still require customization of this file. The hope, though, is it will be simpler as you don’t have to redefine the way the question is asked. I’m hoping this same setup will fix the location setup but I have not tested it on its own.

    Along with this function, the listing can now accept the value as well rather than the old method of needing to know and remember what the id was. You see the number or find it after entering the listing you can enter in the value rather than have to wait until the end.

    I have upgraded the inits to have these changes so please update and let me know. Thanks.

  • @Tom-Elliott No worries. I just noticed it on the test server that I updated and was testing on.

  • @Toby777 when I get into the office this morning I’ll take a look. It shouldn’t be too hard to find and fix though. Sorry I miscoded this part.

  • Further to this, if say I have 2 locations displaying…

    ID# 2 - Melbourne
    ID# 1 - Sydney

    Pressing ‘1’ just keeps prompting for the location ID.

    If I enter ‘11’, that then progresses.

    Same if I were to press just ‘2’, it won’t work, but pressing ‘22’ will progress.