Attempting host registeration after building fog core kernel.

  • Hi all,

    I have followed the instruction on how to build the core kernel of fog server. I was able to do it and I get the pxe menue and life is good but there is a major problem. when I chose to register a host either full registeration or quick registeration I get " attempting to register host that runs forever on a black screen" I would apperciate any help out there on how to fix this. I followed the following link.

    The reason I did this because I have desktops that has raid0 drives and fog gave me “fatal disk error” “hard disk not found” machine will reboot. I tried to change controller to IDE still give me the same reason that didnt work. when I delete the raid through the controller then fog sees the drive.

    I have asus motherboard m4a88t-m with amd processor and I think the board isn’t supported by fog. When I costomized the kernel I saw the raid driver is the kernel. NOw I can’t the above error “attempting to register host” I have checke the default file under /tftpboot/fog/pxelinux.cfg and everyting is the same. mysql doesn’t have any passwords.

    sorry too long post. I need help if someone has any leads I would appreciated it. thank you very much