Functional Principle of the Fogserver

  • Hello,

    my first Entry. First to me, my name is Daniel, i’m 20 from Germany and i work as a computer scientist. Im starting to use Fogproject.
    Now to my question. Can you tell me stept by step how fogserver works, if the client pulls an image?
    I think this way:
    (Task is already active)

    1. Client is booting (NIC) (PXE)
    2. Client got IP from DHCP
    3. Fog detect MAC from Client and releases the active task
    4. Small linux-client starts on client
    5. Client communicate with Fogserver over NFS ?
    6. Client got Image over (T)FTP
    7. Complete

    Is this the right explanation?
    Tranks ahed!


  • No, it’s not correct…

    1. Client is booting with PXE:
      1.1. bootp
      1.2. download kernel + initrd over tftpd
      1.3. booting kernel + initrd
    2. kernel does dhcp request (no userspace dhcp!)
    3. kernel starts init
    4. init starts up services
    5. init starts fog-script
    6. fog-script collects some info and contacts server
    7. fog-script run task according to info from server
      8a) unicast: image over nfs
      8b) multicast: image over udpcast
    8. Client reports result to server and reboots

  • Somebody out there?