Support for multiple nics / subnets

  • I started to explore FOG’s code and now I think I understand which parts are involved in creating multicast task. So I decided to try it. My idea is to associate groups with interfaces (probably by adding new column to table groups, called say “interface”) and then use existing code - function createMulticastJob used in /var/www/management/includes/tasks.confirm.include.php, which has now (in FOG 0.32) set parameter $eth to “null” (change this that the parameter would be set according to group’s interface). And updating /opt/fog/service/common/lib/MulticastTask.class.php accordingly.

    What do you think? Do you see better/easier way? Or do you see any problems doing this? I would like to make it as simple as possible (because of time constraints) and change as little as is needed to have FOG be able to run multiple (ideally simultaneous) multicast tasks. But would like to see opinions/thoughts of anybody who is interested - to make the changes as widely usable as possible. But bear in mind that I’m not as much experienced in php and mysql and have just 1 or 2 weeks.

    Does anybody see problems with simultaneous multicast session (sitting on different interfaces and perhaps different ports(?))? Or with any other part (processes) involved?

    What about new FOG version (0.33)? Are there any changes in code affecting multicast tasks?


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    I can’t answer that question but for those reading this option one from above is the easiest. Just need a layer 3 switch to do the vlan routeing.

    Also to answer Yusuf’s question ( I know it was long ago) I simply gave it all the ip settings of the vlan the server was in. And let the switches do the rest

  • I would like to reopen this as I think it’s better than creating new topic (if not, feel free to move it).

    As far as I understood from reading this forum, there are 2 ways for FOG supporting multiple subnets:
    []1 FOG server and allowing traffic to it from other subnets
    ]1 master FOG server and several nodes per subnet
    Suppose I can’t go (I’m not saying that I can’t, but say I can’t) or don’t want to go either of them. So there is this 3rd way - making FOG able to work for multiple nics (virtual or physical). How much work and how hard would it be to accomplish this? I know a bit of php, mysql, shell scripting, so I would help or try to make it myself if it’s not too much of remaking of FOG. I will have maybe 1 or 2 weeks for this.

  • The “bypass host registration” entry I had with hard coded IPs didn’t work when I copied and changed for the other subnet.

    Menu entries appear, but doing any action just causes it to hang, e.g. doing a full host registration, it correctly see’s the hard disk, then says “Starting host registration…” and just stays like that for a long while, then it comes back with the specs, and attempts to send and hangs for longer.

    On the default subnet this works as expected and no hangs.

    Fog’s default IP is on subnet one, the test machine is on subnet two.

    Falko, can you tell me how you initially setup fog, specifically the IP / networking portion when going through the script.

  • Great info, we’re using simple netgear switches, I think the problem is I’ve overthought this, I’ve an automated image pulled via a menu selection and have just realised that this has the IP address of fog hard coded, this must be why imaging fails on other subnets.

    Thanks for your help, I will do some more testing 🙂

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    Yes I have one FOG Server, serving both subnets. I am using vlans with cisco switching, enabled distributed multicast routing on the switches.

    what network gear are you using? do you use vlans? can both subnets see the fog menu? what happens if they can?

    check [url][/url]

  • Hi Falko,

    To confirmed you have [B]One[/B] fog server serving both subnets or [B]Two[/B] servers?

    If One, could you describe the the setup?

    If say the fog IP is set to and student machines are on, how are you able to image the student machines? Doesn’t it fail once you get past the menu’s and you select an action? e.g quick reg / imaging etc.

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    [quote=“Yusuf, post: 2973, member: 951”]A way to setup fog with the IP addresses of all the nics.

    Maybe add an extra layer / check to see which subnet the client is from and amend fog’s IP to the correct subnet accordingly. This would make this immensely more efficient.

    As it stands a fog server has to be built for each and every subnet.

    If there’s a way to hack around this I’m all ears :)[/quote]

    I have FOG deployed in my school and use multiple vlans/subnets, I have FOG box in Staff Vlan and both Student and STaff can be imaged/multicast too

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