SOLVED WOL sent from storage node on subnet where target computer resides

  • I’ve looked all over for a possible solution to this, an have come up empty, so I thought I would request this as a feature.

    Here’s my scenario. We have several schools. Each school resides on it’s own subnet. Each school has one FOG storage group/node that resides on that subnet. There is one primary FOG server that all storage groups/nodes connect to.

    I already have my individual storage nodes setup as local PXE & TFTP servers for their respective subnets.

    The last piece of the puzzle is wake on lan.

    The image is stored on a specific storage group/node.
    That image is then linked to a computer.

    When a wake on lan request is issued to a computer, I would like the FOG server to send the wake on lan packet out of the storage node in the appropriate subnet that the target machines resides in.

    Maybe I’m over thinking this, if there is an easier way, let me know!