5592 Uncaught exception on deploy

  • When deploying images to multiple computers from storage nodes I get an uncaught exception error if there are other image deploys in progress. It also seems to limit me to one deploy at a time. I have available deploy slots. Attached is a pic of the error.

    After the deploys to other computers finish, it continues on just as it did previously.


  • Senior Developer

    Hopefully things will be better, though I don’t have a good way to test. Please let me know. I changed up the logic a bit and made the taskqueue class use a try/catch statement too.

  • Also for what it’s worth, the same error message shows up on everyone in line. So the Waiting on X other clients always has zero for the value no matter how many in line.

  • scratch the deploy slots comment. I played with some settings and it is working. Still get this error message though.

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