Almost there. A couple of gotchas that I found when installing 1.2.0 (trunk to follow)

  • I used CENTOS 6.7 in a hyper-v host.

    • Don’t forget to disable SELinux
    • Domain 2202 errors (for me) was due to me upgrading from 0.32 - the domain password was correct but the username drops the DOMAIN portion of DOMAIN\USERNAME so basically drop the domain\ part
    • Whilst the above is CORRECT for fixing 2202 errors what I didn’t do was update each host. It isn’t enough to simply change the master AD credentials - they will only affect NEW registrations. The existing registrations have one per host. We have 278 hosts and our apprentice wasn’t relishing the prospect of going into each one. What I did instead was save a configuration file, edit the SQL and copy the – Table structure for table hosts' and -- Dumping data for table hosts` into a new text (.SQL) file, I did a search and replace on my DOMAIN\ then reimported the SQL from command prompt (thus dropping and recreating the hosts with new AD information). Low and behold no more 2202 errors!
    • Blank drives with no partition table barf partclone in 1.2.0 (apparently fixed in trunk). I created a dirty fix that DD the first 512 of the drive then added a simple label using parted partlabel. This fixed partclone for me.
    • Multicast didn’t work for me until I truncated the two multicast tables (this is in the wiki).

    Overall though 1.2.0 works just fine for me. Now to get trunk running…

  • You could also just put all hosts into a group, and update the ad information that way.