Disk Surface Test - where are the results after testing?

  • Started using Fog last week and love it. I’ve learned a lot from Tom Elliot’s posts and have been able to answer all my questions and or issues by simply searching. Here is one I could not find any info on. I ran a Disk Surface Test (Task Management, List All Hosts, Advanced Gear Icon, Disk Surface Test).

    The test ran, however after it was completed (or so I assume) the machine booted into windows. I ran it on a machine with no issues to test how it worked but could not find where the data -pass or fail- ends up on the server?

    I searched but could not find an answer to this. I thought a lot of the features on there were useful but just need to know the final result without having to be near the machine to find out from the PXE screen.


  • Ah Okay. I thought I was missing something. I take care of multiple locations so walking a user through getting to the network boot screen is easier than traveling to work on it there or pick it up if I suspect something. Thanks for the fast reply Tom!

  • The reason you can’t find anything is because there is currently nothing to find. There isn’t a log or anything that collects this data and I haven’t been overly concerned about creating a report for this. I do understand the want but I see the disk surface test as a tool where you suspect there is a problem with the system and are performing the tests within a more appropriate environment where it can be watched for errors. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be a good idea to create some sort of storage for these items, I just haven’t done it…yet.