Invalid MAC on inventory screen update

  • I have a PC that somehow lost all of its inventory information. I ran a hardware inventory task on it and it has the non-editable information. However when I go to edit primary user, tag 1, or tag 2 it come up with a “invalid MAC Address” message and the information doesn’t save. I’ve tried removing the host and repeating the process both as just adding a name and MAC and then doing a hardware inventory as well as removing the host and doing it all through adding a new host with a network book. Any ideas?

    SVN 5078
    MAC in question 70:54:d2:45:43:62

  • @Tom-Elliott said:

    This is fixed in current. Thanks for reporting.

    Excellent thanks Tom!

  • Senior Developer

    This is fixed in current. Thanks for reporting.

  • Turns out its all hosts when a change is made.

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