• Hi first of all I must say that this is a great project!
    It’s very similar to what I started to do but more complex and very amature and fast and I’d like to contribute what I can to make it best for everyone.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Is there a way to make multiple tasks run one after another for the same host, except using scheduling or crone-style?
      What I am trying to understand if I’m able to accomplish a php form with a few checkbox that will make the host do 1 task after another (with reboots in between). I didn’t look yet in the database structure but is there any option right now for, for example, "task1, status (queued, completed, running), task2, status etc.
      If there isn’t any, I guess it won’t be very hard to accomplish it unless there are any failed trials I’m not aware of as a user.

    2. I noticed there is an auto OS detection code, is it working yet? When does it trying to detect the installed OS, and can it detect a crashed/unbootable OS?

    3. Is there a way to pass fog variables from FOG’s PXELinux (such as $mac, $ip, $hostname) to a dos application running from a memdisk image? Also is there any way to update the database from DOS after the application is over - for example, running a diagnostic dos app and when it returns to dos, make fog server know whether it completed or failed?
      I thought of making network drivers load after exiting the application and upload a file to the tftp server named "<mac-address>-completed, then make a line in the init phase checking if the task completed successfully and changing it’s state, or else is there another way to access mysql server from DOS?

    I hope this post is in the right place.
    Would kindley appreciate every answer.