Fog - manual installation on Gentoo.

  • %(#222222]Hi.
    I want to implementate FogProject in my company, but i meet one serious problem.
    In my vision of network with Fog I use full installation on the main
    server in a head office ( I can easily use there script of
    installation ). After that i must use StorageNode in the other offices
    and connect other computers to them.
    There is no problem on the main server, because main server will have
    Debian or CentOS installed. But the sub-offices have already installed
    Gentoo servers and it’s impossible to change.
    And If I’m not mistaken there is no script for Gentoo and I need help
    with manual installation.

    Network structure )[

    Head Office–|------1]

    There is DHCP on main server and there will be Fog with all services
    but sub-offices (1,2,3,4…) have already Gentoo servers and to those
    servers are connected few computers and If think correctly I need
    something like this version of StorageNode ( to execute PXE, NFS,
    TFTP ) to transfer as few data between head office and other offices
    as it possible, but also to exploit all the possibilities of Fog ( add
    new computer to database, new domains etc.).
    I don’t need transfer data (image of discs) between sub-offices.

    By the way…Can RSYNC be NOT configured to update images manual? The
    main reason - I can update images only on few hours at day and they
    often change.

    Thank you very much for every single advice and help.

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