How-to:Using your FOG server to backup and restore Macintosh computers

  • Greetings, all. For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project to incorporate the ability to backup/restore Mac computers into my FOG server. After numerous trials and experiments, I finally found a way to do this. I put up a page on the wiki detailing how to do so.


    Note that FOG is not actually used to clone the Macs.(I did try some things out to see what would happen if I tried to boot FOG, but it isn’t compatible yet with Macs and the hfsplus filesystem, right?) Clonezilla Live is used as the platform for backup and restoration. Basically, you netboot the Mac using your server, feed it a GRUB2 boot file, and use that to load Clonezilla Live.

    FOG has been tremendously useful in my workplace, and wish to be able to help out in return. I hope that others can benefit from what I’ve learned through all this. Please let me know if you have any questions, and definitely feel free to help correct any problems with the article or inform me of incorrect information/mistakes. Thanks.