How can i speed up maging down speeds

  • Hi all,

    I run my fog server on an old dedicated HP microserver with 2 separate 4 TB disks in it. A dedicated network with a 1GB dedicated switch, no uplinks. 2 USB disks are plugged in to backup to, but not even mounted.10 clients only on the dedicated network, nothing else except a couple of routers.

    What speeds would you expect me to get? When all 10 servers are imaging I get 98mb which makes sense, call it 100mb, 10 clients gives 1gb through put.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to speed it up? Imaging down is taking 4 hours for a 50 gb image? All the clients are then completing their images within a minute of each other.



  • Thanks Tom, it’s version1.20

  • Senior Developer


    What version of fog are you running? Trunk has dramatically improved imaging speeds. While it may not improve much when dealing with multiples, 1:1 imaging you would most definitely see the difference.

    That said, If speed is what you’re after, and you are aware of the issues proposed by using UDP casting, I think you’d see (even with 10 systems imaging at the same time) much improved speeds by using Multicast.

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