REV 4850 2 storages nodes on the same server.

  • Hello,

    we tested FOG rev(4850): on the same server ( the fog web server too) we have make 2 master node with different storage path wtih different nic ( hard disk on iscsi nas server).
    Upload and download host is ok but for multicast but we had a problem with the path of the storage node.

    We had to change the MulticastTask.class file like this:

    $ Tasks [] = new self (
                         $ MultiSess-> get (id)
                         $ MultiSess-> get (name),
                         $ MultiSess-> get (port)
    $ Image-> getStorageGroup () -> getMasterStorageNode (.) -> Get (path) ‘/’ $ MultiSess-> get (logpath).

    Without this fog don’t take the good path of the storage Node

    Sorry for my bad english

  • yes it is

  • Senior Developer

    Are both groups with a Master Storage node?

  • Yes i have two storage group ,one for each storage node but if i don’t change this



    $ Image-> getStorageGroup () -> getMasterStorageNode (.) -> Get (path) ‘/’ $ MultiSess-> get (logpath).

    fog take the wrong path (it’s take the default).

  • Senior Developer

    Multicast tasks can ONLY occur on the “MASTER” node. Because you have the same storage node, but different paths, on the same server, the Best option I could give is to create a second group, and put the second node into that second group as the master node.

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