Problems with PXE Booting to Ubuntu LIVE CD

  • Hi guys,

    I have just setup a new FOG.
    I have mounted an iso to a folder.
    Created the correct folder.

    PXE always boots up fine and i choose the Ubuntu Live CD option i have created.
    The Ubuntu Live CD boots up fine the first time.

    After a reboot, it does not work and just hangs .
    I have attached print screens when it works and the print screen when it freezes.


    Any ideas what iam doing wrong?

  • I chose SLAX just for simplicity and file size. It is just for an personal experiment, but if it works, I intend to deploy all over our lab for different uses in each department. We develop custom apps for internal use in our Photo Lab and if I can deploy a live OS over PXE, then there would be no more need for our Windows XP machines and no Windows will save us money on anti-virus licenses.

  • Hi Josh,

    It seems that the problem only happens intermittently. i restarted the FOG server and again, it boots into PXE ok every time but the live CD only works just the first time.

    I think it might already be in read only but i will double check.

    How come you are looking to boot into Slax? Whats the purpose? Perhaps i can help.

  • Hey, I am wondering if it has modified the files on your tftp server.
    You said it worked the first time, leads me to believe that something was changed or overwritten…

    If you have no other option at this point, I suggest you re-upload your iso and see if it works the first time again… if it is in fact successful, then perhaps you need to set the .iso and files within to read only.

    You may need to investigate persistent and non persistent Live OS’.

    -Just a thought
    I am seeking the same functionality, I want to be able to PXE boot a live operating system like ubuntu.(I am looking at Slax)
    Seems like this is not new, yet I cannot find anything about it, anywhere.