SOLVED Git Version 4822 Missing Inventory

  • Under the Report Management for Full Inventory Export all the computers that are inventory with Fog are missing with the message “No results found”. I do have 10 + computers that are fully inventory with Fog. When I export the CSV file, that too is blank. This was working with a previous version of Fog. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Verified that it is working. Thanks Tom!

  • Fixed 4826.

    Thanks for reporting.

    While I didn’t fully understand I just went to the report page and I think I understand what you were trying to say now.

    Hosts exist just fine, but no data was returned when looking at the inventory report.

  • Can you describe the problem a little better?

    You mean to say all the hosts that you know have been registered do not appear at all? Or they don’t appear to have associated inventory data related to the host?