How-to: Remote control a computer using UltraVNC SC and the Snapin software

  • I just wanted to post a really quick and simple guide to creating a snapin for Ultravnc SC (single click) that will allow you to push a snapin to a pc, and then remotely control it.

    This software works with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 (32bit / 64bit)


    1. A working Fog server (obviously)
    2. A client computer with the fog service installed and running
    3. A support computer that runs UltraVNC Viewer in Listen Mode (I’ve found that version 1.02 of the software works best) - [url][/url]
    4. A copy of UltraVNC SC 2011 - [url][/url]

    To create a working snapin for UltraVNC SC all you need to do is download the file above and edit your helpdesk.txt file accordingly. If you have only a single [host] in the .txt file the executable will open and auto run, connecting you to the IP / host name you specify.

    This software simply runs the sc client software and connects to the support computer that is listening on port 5500 (default).

    Once you have a working tested version of this sc client software, simply upload a copy of it to the fog server as a snapin, link it to a host computer, and you can instantly push the software and connect to the pc.

    This is really basic when it comes to steps and using the software, so I’m not going to dive into this too far 😉 So far this is a great solution for our day to day tasks in the office.

    More instructions can be found here if needed - [url][/url]

    Also here is a full list of the available syntax for the helpdesk.txt file - [url][/url]

  • After some playing around I got the error to go away but now the only thing that comes up on the screen is a hyperlink to I have no clue on what to look at next to get this to work.

  • I think tightvnc might actually work with this, still not sure with my testing results. Once I put in the correct listing port I recieved an error that there was an unsupported protocol, HTTP, so I changed it to HTTPS and now I get the attached error.

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1575_ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 23 11.43.jpg?:"]ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 23 11.43.jpg[/url]

  • This did add the VNC option in FOG and I’m very thankful for the assistance on that. However we use tightvnc. We are starting to steer away from altiris where we have it set up so we can right click a machine and remote using tightvnc. Upon doing that the tightvnc viewer pops up and we can instantly remote into said machine. Is there a way we could do this in FOG with tightvnc?

  • Funny you should ask, there’s already a hook built in that does exactly this. It’s located in (/var/www/fog/lib/hooks)

    The filename is: HostVNCLink.hook.php

    Open up that file and make any link changes you need (e.g. port etc…)

    Set the Active flag from false to true and reap the benefits.

  • I recently came across this article and was wondering what file this code needs to be added to in version 1.2.0. I’m not sure where to really begin looking considering how many php files there are. I also noticed that there are templates in 1.2.0 for creating your own plugin. I scoured the web and I haven’t noticed anybody creating that many plugins for FOG, or at least nobody has said that they have. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a plugin through there as well. Thanks for any help you could give me.

  • [B]Hey. It is a nice post explaining remote controlling a computer using UltraVNC. In addition to UltraVNC, one can even use various remote support services such as logmeinrescue, Gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc. in order to have remote desktop sharing, file transfer, etc. [/B]

  • hey ssx4life

    Nice tutorial.
    one step further is to modify the FOG php code (forget the php file name) but where it displays individual hosts (with that ping function) you can add a “<a href='http://”.$HostIP.":5500 target=’_blank’>Remote to this host</a>" and you will get integrated VNC capability directly from the fog dashboard.

    i used tight vnc for the host machien, and tiger VNC on my admin computer (i think it was tiger… its the one that has JAVA applet capability to load remote desktop sessions in the browser).

    If you remember the php file that I am referencing above, id be more than happy to upload it…