Can't connect to FOG website

  • Hey Guys,

    My old FOG server just fried. So I went ahead and literally took out the hard drive from the server to another server (different models) and now FOG can’t be contacted via web portal from a client computer. I’m able to do a “localhost/fog” on the server just fine, AND I’m also able to boot to FOG via PxE.

    There’s gotta be something I’m not seeing or not doing right. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome! Thanks in advanced.


  • Nevermind I was able to fix the issue. Basically what had happened was that somehow the connection of “auto eth0” didn’t have the correct ip configuration settings because when I typed in the “gateway” Ip address section, the IP “vanished.” I just figured out that one must hit “enter” after you type in the IP address in the gateway IP address section. How annoying.

    Very noobish mistake and now I know for next time.

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