• Senior Developer

    As before, we believe (hope fingers crossed) that this may be corrected now. We aren’t 100% sure, for obvious reasons. We’ve tried nearly every trick we can think of to certifiably replicate the issue, but we have not been able to (for today’s disappearing host issues).

    I assure you the fixes @Jbob and I worked on previously were necessary and did show the same symptoms as described here on the forums. We are only wishing this to be finally fixed. If you can’t tell, not being able to replicate the problem repeatedly makes it dang near impossible to determine if it is full and truly fixed.

    Today’s attempt at correcting this issue presents, hopefully, more detailed information for this as well (just in case). While you may not see it directly, it should “halt” the client for the module causing conflicts as the return would then become a thrown bit. While this will not keep the host from disappearing, it should enable us to get more detailed information to help further us in debugging this annoying, and disturbing, issue. It also only saves the data once all the elements the object needs has been updated rather than saving the data before and after (if the id is not present for whatever reason).

    Please upgrade again, and if you have, please keep your original backups handy just in case, so you don’t have to try re-registering all hosts you may have.

  • Senior Developer

    Can you all please re-update if you’re having this issue?

    I believe, thanks to @Wayne-Workman and @Jbob, and my being a dipshit, that maybe this is fixed. I say maybe because every thing else we’ve tried has seemingly come close, but this really “should” fix it. Though I’m going to side with nay-sayers here just because of my dishittedness.