Feature Request: "Remove All Snapins" from a group.

  • We repurpose PC’s often, and they are usually already registered in the database and have old snapins associated to them. With 20+ snapins, its a tedious process to select each snapin individually and click remove. I imagine this feature would be very easy to write but don’t have the programming experience to do so myself.

  • +1


  • While it seems I’ve forgotten about this issue, I assure you I haven’t. I’m going through some of the stuff for cleanup and such, and I just realized that though there’s a class for creating snapins, it doesn’t look like there’s anything actually pushing snapins as tasks. I’ll try looking further into this, but haven’t got a clue as to how to get it working. I’m so glad I’ve still got the includes and 0.32 at my fingertips to compare and contrast.

    Adding a remove all from group is relatively easy, but getting it to actually add snapins first is a priority as I can’t test what I can’t place right?

  • Will look into this over the weekend. Testing is more troubled as I have to work OT. Dang iPads and iOS 7