Checking QUEUE hangs

  • Hello All,

    I have an issue when deploying image client stay stack at Checking QUEUE phase
    After while i have done message and below i have
    [CODE]* (0 sec)

    • (5 sec)

    • (10 sec)

    any idea what causing this issue please advice

  • It probably turns out that the fog server configuration wasn’t completed.
    Make sure that all of your IPs are correctly configured.
    See here: [URL=‘’]
    I know you never said that you were changing your IP addres, BUT this is a good place to make sure that all is configured. [/URL]

    Now if I could only get Fedora 17 to work…
    I know I know - 14 is best, and I’m about to roll back…[URL=‘’] [/URL]

  • I am having the EXACT same issue - attempting to creat a FOG server to “roll out” to other locations.
    Yes, I am going to FOG the FOG server…
    so, I assigned everything against all (correct) advice, then went into storage manager and had to correct it to the correct IP address, but - I’m thinking it’s a MySql issue…
    I know that I’m supposed to bind MySql to the IP, but I don’t even see an entry in my.cnf to do this.
    So, I added it.
    Low and behold, I don’t even HAVE MySql running - after a successful run of the FOG install

    Fedora 14 - I know that this is pretty much the most FOG friendly Fedora, and we have it at all of our other sites, running like a champ.

    Fog 0.32
    aded SELinux Configuration GUI, and nfs-utils before install to make sure that it all went smoothly.

    any ideas?

  • Could you be a little more specific? After the PC PXE boots it finds the image THEN stalls?

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