Group Settings for join domain not remembered

  • hello,

    I have a group in fog configured to join members to the domain. It seems like this was working before but it does not appear to be remembering the settings now. If i do a full host registration, populate host name, choose image, choose group then default answers for the rest until prompted to image now which i say yes to. It images fine and renames properly but doesnt join to domain. If i go in and select join domain on the host it will. When i look at the group and i check the join domain option it populates the fields from the default AD settings, i hit update then reload the page and the ad settings are blanked out again.

  • Senior Developer

    Group ad field settings do not maintain the settings. This is because, it updates all the hosts all at once. I don’t have a performance friendly option to do this checking.

    So this setting in the group field is designed to blank out after it’s been updated. The hosts within the group, however, should be updated. Is this not happening?

  • for clarification, if i edit the host in fog, selecting option to join domain it populates from the default ad setting i have configured and the machine promptly reboots and joins the domain (very slick).