SOLVED CentOS7 / Fog Trunk (Out of Disk Space?)

  • This is piggy-backing on the other post.

    I’m not certain if it’s a problem accurately reading the drive size or if something else is getting in the way. Fog is showing the hardware accurately in the hardware screen.
    7-25-2015 11-46-39 AM.png

    I have a 525Gb drive on our vm as the only storage.

    This is what fog is seeing on the dashboard, where the disk information is reading inaccurately and also not taking new images.
    7-25-2015 11-54-17 AM.png

    I’m pretty new to CentOS, here are some screens that I think might be helpful to those that know. (gleemed from that previous post)
    7-25-2015 11-58-52 AM.png
    Is /dev/mapper an issue? Or is it just listing the drive itself?
    7-25-2015 12-00-55 PM.png
    7-25-2015 12-05-59 PM.png
    7-25-2015 12-11-27 PM.png
    I’m not certain on my end as I’m inexperienced with Linux. I can produce anything you need though.

  • Performed the following items in CentOS.

    mv /images /home/

    ln -s /home/images /images

    Now the fog site is reporting correctly.
    7-27-2015 8-05-17 AM.png

    Thank you!

  • Can you hit me up by chat? I can help.