Deployed images hang at 3%

  • Hey Forum,

    Im using FOG .32 on Ubuntu 11.1 and am attempting to deploy images to my clients. I’ve created a few images, and deploy them to various machines with the same result: hangs at 3% everytime.

    This makes me think that they’re something wrong with my FOG install or my network. I’m running a basic dedicated LAN. My Ubuntu is installed on a Dell Latitude XT. I’ve tried multiple kernels with no joy.

    My target machines are Dell Opti 320 and Opti 360. I looked at the supported hardware looks like I could make them work.

    Really stumping me, any ideas FOG geniuses?

  • Reloaded FOG onto a Dell OptiPlex 320 with Ubuntu 10.x. Worked like a dream. I was also able to copy my master image to the new load with no issues (just had to rename it to a existing image in the new FOG DB).

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