SVN 3735 Group Management: can't see members and cant't install Printers to Groups

  • I have updated to svn 3735 on my production fog and is working just fine except adding printers to groups or seeing all members of the group.

    I also have a virtual test-test fog that is up to the 3784 and it is still doing the same thing.

    Any suggestions? We have 100’s of groups and this is needed.

  • Senior Developer

    Found out, with John, and a teamviewer session, the Group display issue was occurring due to memory limit issues. Increased to 256 and things started working.

    The printer issue was corrected for in 3788, but 3789 has been pushed so you can, once again, default default printers in a group setting as well.

    Thank you John for pointing out the issues with Printers.

  • SVN 3788 has resolved the issues. Thanks for the help

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