• I am a computer technician for Harrison County schools in north central west virginia and we are cuurently trying to get fog running for use in the county. the server that dishes out DHCP is a windows server 2008. Fog is running on ubuntu 11.10 and we are trying to get to work alongside of the Mac netboot. is there anyone out there in internet land who has had this problem or thinks that they can help us.

    any help would be awesome!

    Justin (county tech)

  • Like kevin mentioned. If your IP phones are on a seperate VLAN they can point to different boot server than the PCs because they would be on a seperate DHCP scope…

  • Are your phones and PC’s on separate VLANs?

  • @raff we cannot modify options 66&67 because they boot the IP phones. what now?

  • that was my coworkers account who is also trying to get it working. but i will talk that over with him and see what is going on. thanks for the reply.

  • There is no reason why this would conflict. The PC’s are using pxe and the mac’s are using neboot and both can share the same windows DHCP server. We have a setup of both Deploystudio and FOG. If you are using cisco network equipment you may need to add an IP Helper address for netboot server and enter details for options 66 & 67 on your windows DHCP server for FOG.

    I think I replied to your other thread, you have asked this question in 2 places.

  • well here is the deal according to those instructions you have to have DHCP on your linux machine and we dont have that. The DHCP here is coming from a server 2008 machine. so those instructions wont work.

    now what do we do?

  • yes, that’s what that link will do. You modify a config file that pulls out the Apple portion of Macs, so when it PXE boots it checks if it’s an Apple MAC address, and if it is, it’ll go and point it to your Apple imaging server. 🙂

  • well i had forgot to mention that the macs have their own imaging server. so we need a way to for fog to basically say “oh your a Mac you go here” “your a windows machine, you go here” do you understand what i am saying? when i say work alongside i mean we dont want windows machines hitting deploystudios and we dont want macs to hit fog. make sense?

  • I would set FOG up according to the documentation, and then follow these directions to still be able to netboot your Macs: