SOLVED Quick Image: list vs just imaging

  • I’ve noticed since moving to the SVN when choosing Quick Image from the PXE menu I now get a list of possible images. Can this option be removed and just take the default image assigned to that device.

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you!

  • It is set to select the image that is assigned to that host. It times out based on your fog menu timeout as well. So if you choose quick image, enter your login information and leave it be, the image that’s defaulted for that host will begin imaging.

    This is intentional.

    The quick image item, is quick. Now you get a choice, and you can use the quick image item to image ANY system, not just registered hosts. I think this is a more useful feature than only having it be used for registered hosts. It also works similarly to your registered hosts in that you can test other images out without having to assign that image to the host.