Making custom kernel 3.2.4KS

  • I am wanting to create a custom kernel 3.2.4 kitchen sink. I have a few Dell Optiplex 755’s that when you try and fog these machines you get the “fuzzy screen effect”, but you are able to image them with the latest kitchen sink kernel, but I do not want to use it because it is slower, and if I setup the KS kernel as the alternate kernel I cannot multicast to them.

    So what I would like to do is to merge the newest kernel and the newest kitchen sink kernel to make a 3.2.4ks. I have made a custom kernel using the guide. [url][/url], but it did not make a 3.2.4 kernel with the kernel drivers and features. It made a custom kernel.

    Can anyone help me build this kernel?

    Thanks in advance

  • For anybody else that runs into this thread.
    Here is a kitchen sink of 3.6.3 made lazily by copying over kitchensink.config and compiling the bzImage.

    This allowed for me to image 755’s via multicast without the snow/fuzziness issues, i hope it will help you too.


    MD5: a02e8270edeeef17a2675989fa755940

    Edit: I tried it on 0.33B and the image no longer works for device access

  • This post is deleted!

  • Kyley, If you have any success with this, I’d like to know. I’m currently trying to create an all inclusive kitchen sink kernel for a multiple hardware environment (mostly Dell 755’s - 990’s)