• hello, fog operates in unicast mode but there is an error in udpcast “mulicast” on some machines.

    DELL optiplex 780 bug:
    the blue screen “please wait” is displayed then after 3 minutes there is an error IRQ 16

    DELL optiplex 760 bug:
    the display displays an image all scrambled

    I should start a clone for a classroom with 12 pc later than Tuesday, March 27.
    I have several types of pc in this classroom:
    Optiplex 330 380 760 780
    I preferred to use the multicast
    I made a disk image that runs on its 4 model in unicast but that bug in multicast mode

    I use ubuntu server 10.04
    I tried to put the kernel via the web interface, but it’s not correct bugs.
    the latest core kernel 3.2.4 refuses to download via the web interface, how to put it manually in fog without web interface?

    Error: Download failed: filesize = 0

  • Im having the same problem with Dell 620 while trying to multicast. As a matter of fact i cant Multicast Lenovo PC as well. Im using Fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 10

  • I have the same problem and also I have the similar computers Dell optiplex GX620. I don’t have any problem in unicast mode but in multicast I always obtain the “Blue screen” " Please Wait" and in the multicast log this menssage
    [06-19-12 4:28:15 pm] * [06-19-12 4:28:15 pm] Checking if I am the group manager.
    [06-19-12 4:28:15 pm] * [06-19-12 4:28:15 pm] I don’t appear to be the group manager, I will check back later.

    Any of you can help me??
    Thank-you very much.

  • I am progressing but not yet that

    [03-26-12 1:00:59 pm] * [03-26-12 1:00:59 pm] Checking if I am the group manager.
    [03-26-12 1:00:59 pm] * [03-26-12 1:00:59 pm] I don’t appear to be the group manager, I will check back later.

  • DELL Optiplex 780 and 760 works with the kernel

    now my error is on ubuntu server 10.04
    [03-26-12 12:29:14 pm] | [03-26-12 12:29:14 pm] Failed to connect to database server, will try again in next iteration.

  • This post is deleted!