Host Down - client firewall issue?

  • Hello everyone, I’m sorry if this has been addressed before or elsewhere but much hunting on the wiki, the forum and my best friend Google has turned up very little.

    I’m trying to get my head around a problem with the list all hosts page. All my machines show a red dot and say “Host Down” Some are XP, some Vista and some 7.

    If I ping lucy-laptop I get a response, no problem there with DNS or resolving host names.

    If however I turn off the firewall on any given machine, I get the green dot, so lucy-laptop then says “Host Up”

    So, three questions:

    1. How exactly does FOG test whether a host is up or down?
      [S]2) What do I need to change in the firewall, I have thus far failed to find what rules I need to add to make this work and respond correctly without turning off the firewall altogether. [URL=‘’]The wiki[/URL] only refers to the following with out going into detail.[/S][QUOTE]If after this, you still can’t ping your clients, the problem may be due to a firewall issue with the clients. In this case, client specific configuration changes might be needed. [/QUOTE]3) Could FOGProject possibly implement this another way which doesn’t need changes to every client machine? I would think it either possible to just use the response from ping itself or through using the FOG client service.

    Many thanks in advance for your patience and help. If I figure it out or if I get a working solution here, I’ll put it in the wiki if you don’t beat me to is first.

    I have after much digging made it work by editing the windows firewall to allow port 7 UDP and to allow “Allow outgoing destination unreachable” under the ICMP settings. For some reason I don’t think this is right or should be the case. Before I write this into the wiki is there a correct fix or are we stuck with this rather ugly workaround? Surely this isn’t by design?[B][/B]

  • Not sure if you’re still having these issues or not, but here is some more information in the wiki: [url][/url]

  • Could you please let me know if you get some information how to resolve this issue? I try to use your information enabling the PING echo request and I turn completely the firewall off. The machines are still not showing on the host management like active. Please advice if you have some updated.